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hello !
anyone else had weirdos asking us to email them - or should I be flattered that it's just me ?!
scamming just hit an all time low - now they are picking on those with voice disorders !!
Go Away weirdos !! I'm not interested in you!!!
other than that - I'm still silent and still just getting on with life !!
hope everyone ( normal!) is a fine and coping with what you need to cope with !!
kindest regards

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hi Karen

yes I have received a weird email from a Christopher Benson saying that he wants to meet a woman and likes me.  As if I would be fooled by this!! I may have a voice problem but I am not stupid!

Please do not reply to him. As if you would!!!

Yes go away men who are preying on vulnerable women!

I am about to have another Botox treatment (my fourth) under general anaesthetic as my voice difficulty has returned.  But feeling ok about it. I should have another 5 or 6 months of a "normal voice" afterwards.

How about you? What is your difficulty? Are you having treatment?

I would really like to keep in touch with others in the same position as I am. Life can be difficult but with support and friendship it becomes more bearable.

best wishes


Hi Kaye ! I'm so glad it's not just me !!!
I'm still silent - it's been a little over 3 years now ! not really getting any treatment ! have been passed from pillar to post a bit - neurologists - speech therapists - even saw a shrink !! I'm frustrated that nothing more is being done to try and fix it - but it's gone and come back before in the past - so am hopeful it's just a matter of time !! great news that Botox works for you ! they've not suggested that to me ?! maybe mine is more a mental block than a physical one ?! although I'm not convinced !!! it's good to keep in touch !! you are right - not many people - other than those also going through similar problems - can really know what we go through !!
kind regards

Hi Karen and Kaye,

yes me too with the weirdo! maybe we should deluge him with replies just to call his bluff. Perhaps we could describe ourselves as women of a certain age who are just desperate for male company?!

Karen, sorry to hear about your voice problem. I don't know where you live but it might be worth your while making contact with Annie Elias who runs the Speech and language therapy service in East Kent. She's written a book about psychological voice disorders with a clinical psychologist. Thankfully I've had a thyroplasty operation which has really improved my voice but before that there was definitely a psychological element to it - it went when I was in stressful or anxiety making situations such as doing presentations. Through Annie I met a great psychologist and had a course of CBT which really helped. I did have to pay for it (not cheap) but it was worth it. It didn't cure my voice (I have a paralysed vocal cord) but it helped me control anxiety and to accept my voice as it was which made me a much happier, calmer person.

wishing you all the best


hi QV !! it's quite funny he's tried contact us all - and all it's done is bring us together to chat !so good out of a bad !!! I'm typing on my mobile on the treadmill !do apologies for any typos !!! well I think we should pass the poor chaps email address onto as many people as possible !! he's obviously lonely !!!! tee hee !!
I will look for that book ! thanks for the tip !i was born in Kent - but moved to West Country nearly 20 years ago !! will research some more and try and make contact with the lady !! happy to try anything !!! - catch up soon!
kind regards

how funny!!!

I looked at his profile.  He looks very young and what can I say?  Yes he must be lonely and desperate.  

I'm in East Sussex, Karen you're in the West country.  How about you, QV?  It helps to know whats going on in other parts of the country regarding voice problems.



Yep, I too am getting creepy emails from strangers. I don't like it and am thinking of leaving the group for that reason. I just noticed that it is the same creep emailing many others. I haven't had a proper voice for over 3 years. It is very distressing.
Best wishes everyone
hi Ceri - perhaps the Creep will be banned ?! hope so !!! surely they should take note ? the people who run this site ?!?
we are the most busy thread on here for ages I think !!! lol sorry to hear that you too have voice problems - I guess that's what we are all here !!
kindest regards
Hi Karen, I read a comment Kaye made about looking at his profile so tried to find him so I could put him straight but I couldn't locate him. Maybe he has been banned already? I hope so.
Take care
Ceri x

Yes, just got an email from Christopher Benson also.  Disgusting that such people come to sites totally unrelated to dating to do such things... shame on him.  Of course I don't respond to these twats.

doesn't sound like any of us responded !! glad he's been oiked off the site abs out of the group ! ( huge sigh of relief !)




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