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it been since January this bout of hoarse/non voice. So that 4 and a half months now, it has happened a few times now but this is the longest.

ENT investigation normal

CT Scan normal

Barium Swallow normal

So why is my voice so hoarse, why is i am getting tired, any ideas, speech therapy starts this week

please anyone.

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Hi this sounds so familiar I have had very little voice now for 12 weeks I have been told I have bowed vocal cords and I am also tired all the time, I was due to start voice therapy a week ago but am still waiting for my appointment, have you started your speech therapy yet? Did they give you any answers or suggestions ?

yes voice therapy started not had much voice exercises to do yet, advice was to speak normal even if the sound is not familiar, not to whisper,not to cough to clear throat swallow instead, have another appointment next week,

I finally have an appointment for this Thursday so it has took a month to get the appointment, at the moment I'm not finding it so tiring I don't know if this is normal? I still have a very whisper voice, I work in a special needs school with autistic children so I really need my voice and energy, although my school has been extremely supportive, it has helped that we have just had the half term break so I have only had the children back for 3 days so this may be why im not so tired at present? I have invested in a voice amplifier have you ever used one? I'm really self conscious of it and only used it at work for 10 minutes this week to read the children a story, it left my throat feeling really sore though which is something I don't usually suffer with and I don't know if this is doing more harm than good or to persist with it so that I can do a bit more of my job without the need to rely on others? I wish there was more help and advice for people with voice problems as this website has been a huge help since I found it until then no one's understands what your dealing with.

my sound is awful, i go to work and speak with my very croaky voice. I work in retail, people look at me twice because this very unusual voice/sound comes from me. thing is you use your voice differently for different things, telephone voice, story reading voice, customer service voice, all probably sound different. i only noticed because of this problem i got. just keep to speaking/talking probably best, as this uses enough energy when you can't use voice to the whole of its ability. fingers crossed the speech therapy will help us both. It is very frustrating you can feel quite alien at times.

It's very frustrating and embarrassing at times, good luck with the speech therapy I'm hoping I might get some answers on Thursday on how I can make work more manageable whilst this is on going.

high expectations, yes still there, got much work to do, will try very hard.




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