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Has anyone else had this operation on their false vocal chords. I had this done nearly a year ago and I had a reasonable result in that I regained my voice for a few months. Unfortunately it did not last and my voice is bad again. I am about to have a second operation and wondered if there was anyone else in the same position?

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Hi Kaye,

no sorry I haven't but have you thought about Thyroplasty rather than botox? its a more permanent solution so might be something to ask about at the clinic. I'm booked in for one in the Autumn so can't tell you yet what it's like but I'm hopeful it'll make a difference.

all the best



how did your operation go?  Well I hope.

I had the botox operation again in August and again my voice has returned so I can talk and sing again.  This time will be permanent !!!  I'm also having speech therapy to strengthen the muscles and make sure I am using my breath correctly.

all the best


Hi Kaye, that's brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you, especially as it's permanent!

I had the operation in October and it's been a fantastic success. It's amazing the difference it's made, to my voice, my confidence and my life! just being able to be heard again after all these years means so much to me, I'm grateful for it every day. Like you I'm also having voice therapy, my voice is still a bit croaky but it's getting better all the time. I've even booked myself on a presentation skills course, something I've been avoiding doing for years!

thanks for asking


hi there

just to let you know that I am having the Botox again on 14th March, as it was not permanent after all.  It seems that I may have to keep having it repeated as the Botox wears off. Nuisance as it has to be done under general anaesthetic, in a hospital a long way away from where I live.  I am still positive though!  At least I can have a "normal" voice for a few months. 

How are you?


Hi Kaye, I'm so sorry to hear that. It must be so distressing for you. I've vowed never to take my voice for granted again so can really relate to what you must be going through. So far so good for me, I've even been on a public speaking course and am doing my first proper formal presentation on Thursday. 

Is there any chance that Thyroplasty could be an option for you? It is permanent, although it's not a particularly nice procedure to have done, i'd do it again tomorrow because of the difference it's made.

wishing you lots of luck with the treatment

all the best xx

not sure that Thyroplasty would be suitable for my condition.  My specialist has diagnosed it as "supraglottic squeeze" not spasmodic disphonia.  Technically this means that my true vocal chords are fine, but for some reason the false vocal chords or supraglottids are trying to "squeeze" to produce a vocal sound.  When Botox is injected into them, they become paralyzed thus allowing the true vocal chords to work properly.  Sounds complicated doesn't it? !!! Anyway, I'm not too distressed - think I'm coming to terms with it.  One positive thing is that because I can't sing or act anymore, I have more time to pursue my love of art and have satrted drawing and painting again after years. Don't need a voice for that!!

Well done on the Public speaking and good luck for your presentation.  Will think of you on Thursday.

best wishes



Very happy for you! After suffering voice difficulties it's wonderful to have a voice again and be able to function actively in social situations. I am joining a choir - first rehearsal tomorrow ! Well done us !!




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