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I'm learning to live with my voice but it seems I get the same old responses from people on a continual basis.  Seriously people just have no idea.  I can tell them a million times and they still don't get it.  

I have family members who I've let know that I have 2 chronic throat conditions along with my other illnesses.  Despite this, I keep getting asked "You sound awful, are you sick?"  every time I answer my phone.  I'm so close to calling them a twit. lol.  They also ask me to repeat everything and speak up all the time.

Then there's my colleges that say "oh you sound awful, are you sick?"  And "oh you still don't sound well, I hope you get better soon".  So I wonder why they think I'm now part time at work and on no contact work with customers?  I got an ergotron installed at my work station so I can sit or stand for my bladder condition i have and I get asked "oh how did you get that?  I'd like one of those".

My friends on the other hand think I'm still the same talkative person I was prior to my voice disorders... so they question me constantly and expect me to talk for hours.  So these days I have to do careful planning so that I don't get stuck talking for 3 hours.  Oh I've done it but I pay for it afterwards with my throat going into big spasms and it triggers oesophageal spasms for me.  My friends still don't quite comprehend what my limitations are.  I have to try and educate them.

The public... well they can't be expected to know.  Although a lot of people can sure learn some compassion.  A couple of my conditions cause chronic burping, so that usually means I get stared at in public.  I've had complete strangers say "excuse you" and laugh at me.  If only they knew.  People must think I've got bad manners or something.  I burp with my mouth shut in public and this actually hurts my throat even more.  If I burp with my mouth open it is less pressure on my throat.  With my mouth shut I'm trying to suppress the burp. I'm not sure why I torture myself as people still aren't nice about it anyhow.  As for my voice.... well I always get asked if I have the flu.  So now I've resorted to saying no I don't have the flu before they even ask. lol.

So what I did when I got my last diagnosis in November is I did a blog of my medical story on Facebook.  A lot of people seemed a bit shocked I did that.  But it's good as now I just say read my blog on Facebook if you want the full information as I don't have the voice to sit and explain it all to you.  I also did a voice sample using Spreaker and posted that up on Facebook too so people can hear for themselves I'm not speaking how I used to prior to my voice disorders.

I'm sure you all can relate to what I'm saying above.  It's just what we learn to live with... ignorance.

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