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Hi Terry and Akiko, just wanted to say thanks for organising the group meeting on Saturday. Although we were thin on the ground it was still just as good as all the others, being able to talk to other people who know how frustrating it is to have a voice problem is invaluable and always makes me leave feeling a bit less like I'm alone or a freak!


For those who couldn't make it, we had a great voice therapy session with Sarah Harris, revising the relaxation exercises, a bit of larangyal massage (spelt right?!) and for some reason making cat noises..... then an excellent campaign workshop where we identified three main areas, Career, Social and the medical profession that could do with some changes.


We focussed down the priority for the imediate future to do a campaign to try and get restaurants/pubs/bars to provide quiet areas/times so that people with voice problems could enjoy a night/lunch out with their friends. We thought of doing a mystery shopping exercise and feedback the results to the owners (which could have a big impact if we include some chains like Pizza express), plus joining up wiht other condition groups e.g. tinnitus support group.


anyone else got any ideas?



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Thanks from me as well. I particulary enjoyed the relaxation exercises as it helped me to remember all the things my other speech therapist told me about relaxing my throat. The campaigning workshop was very good, I wasn't too sure where we were going with it at first but Keran (sorry if I have spelt that wrong) was very good in helping us to focus on what was important to us as a group and what actions were possible in the long term and short term.
I will certainly be thinking about the impact the different places we (as a family) eat out in have on my voice in future and I will (I promise Terry) write some reviews about them. Thought it funny though that the reason we dislike Pizza Express (poor acoustics and so noisy) was perfect for Akiko as no-one could hear her baby!

Hi QV/Jan - just to say am working up notes from the support group and will send through v soon so can start planning social event and how it can be used to achieved some of our campaigning aims!

Horribly, horribly busy and throat is v raw!

Sounds like you had a good, interesting meeting and it is great to hear what went on. Good stuff.




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