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At a meeting on 29 Jan, we agreed to create a voice problem video campaign.  The aim:  to show the world in a compelling way the challenges of voice problems and to tell people - employers, friends, medical professionals - what changes we want to see.


So please to post here:

1.If you want to be filmed (or could be persuaded!)

2. You want to help with filming

3. Any ideas for content

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An example of an idea: 


A quick vox pop segment which conveys all the things individuals with voice problems can do.  Voice problem volunteer is filmed saying/doing following:

Eg.  I can solve quantum physics problems and I have an IQ of 168!

Eg.  I can play the drums (lady with voice problems plays the drums -


Could juxtapose above with a can't, eg.

I can't sing anymore (pull out to woman sitting at a drum kit) but I can play the drums! 


Do lots of these in quick succession with inspirational music.  Shows - we can still do lots of stuff despite finding a few things difficult. 




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