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Emotions and the voice

One of the contributors at the latest Lary Project support group meeting was Jacob Lieberman. He is a psychotherapist and osteopath specialising in the larynx. An important point he reminded us all of was the role of emotion in the voice.

I think it's an important thing to remember. A "new age" lady (forgive the pigeon-holing!) once said to me that the throat is the emotional spaghetti junction of the body. Certainly what many say about their voice problems bears this…


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Before we forget... here is my very abridged summary of laryngeal manipulation exercises covered today... Let me know if you think I've got it wrong...

Anyone who did not attend today's session, please do not try these without instruction from a suitably qualified voice professional.

a. stick you tongue out slightly between your teeth (relaxes jaw, lowers larynx?)

b. stick thumb into hollow under chin (under tongue area) and circle with some pressure (relaxes jaw, lowers larynx?)

c. extend lower jaw so lower teeth stick out (like an underbite). Now take hands and place on face like with…


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The importance of getting up and doing your voice exercises....

We are a diverse bunch in the voice problem world. However, for those of us who wake up in the morning and our throats feel tired, croaky, uncomfortable - I've never really found an adjective to adequately describe what it feels like - I wonder if some of the following (regularly done) may help:

Voice therapy: trilling (rubbery lips) up and down a scale, mmmms, vvvvvvvs, maaaaaaaa... These voice exercises are things I do for stiff vocal folds. Those with poor…


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Terry's new blog and reflux

Sadly my other blog connected to The Lary Project was shut down! So this is going to be my new blog.... And gripping it will be too....

Ok so what would be a good starting point? How about this: I got a lovely message from an Italian chap who originally contacted me some months ago with a voice problem. At the time I signposted a few things and also mentioned some treatments for reflux (he had hinted at reflux in his message to me).

Latest update…


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Botox injection

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