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Loss of Identity due to loss of voice

There are many conditions, which can cause loss of voice (permanent or temporary), such as throat cancer, polyps, papilloma, psychogenic issues and trauma. Our voice is such a crucial part of who we are and how we express ourselves. It plays a major role in building relationships at home and at work and is a big part of our identity. The loss of the ability to express yourself vocally can lead to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, loss of identity and depression.

Someone who is coming to terms with loosing their voice may also need to come to terms with the underlying condition, which has caused the loss of voice. If for example a person is suffering from cancer they will need to deal with the effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy, medication and all the other effects that come with cancer; they will also need to deal with loss of voice and isolation.

Having an opportunity to explore the effects of the illness will allow the person to understand the impact that it has had on them, their family and friends. Undoubtedly as with any other serious illness the person might feel depressed, anxious about the future, insecure and perhaps "useless" if they can no longer work.

In counselling a person will be able to explore all of those feelings in a non judgmental environment and try to come to terms with the change in their life. If for example a person might need to use a voice amplifier this will impact on how they feel and thus might need to adjust the way they live their life.

Loosing ones voice is much more than not being able to talk. It is about your identity, your social and professional life, it is a huge part of who you are. Counselling may help to explore those feelings and to understand how you may be able to adjust to this new situation.

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